Josh Zamzow (seeyouauntie) wrote,
Josh Zamzow

I am not unwell, thank you.

Things are going good. I've found my niche in the new position. Well, maybe not my niche. I'm going to try to get into my niche by utilizing the ING Independent Learning Center to learn all I can about technical writing over the next year or two so I can truly find my niche. Niches left aside, though, I do like my job. The people in New Business miss me quite a bit, as they remind me every day on breaks and lunch - but I was going to be miserable working in that department, so that's how it had to be.

Working downtown is starting to fit me better, though my preferred route to work has been fucked over by the City of Des Moines. They're resurfacing 7th street, and I don't like driving my car over bump after bump after bump. As such I've had to jog over to 9th street to get to my parking garage at 8th and Mulberry. It's a minor inconvenience, but it's a little annoying. I've been experimenting with routes home, because with the interstate entrance on 6th closed, my preferred route is unavailable. Usually I just end up taking the back way (MLK/Beaver) home.

The work hours are good. 8:30 to 5 with a half an hour lunch. I could have gone for the full hour and gone in at 8, but why? I don't even use the full half hour to eat lunch as it is. I've been asked if I could do 9 to 5:30, but I want to start riding the bus eventually, and the last bus for Johnston leaves at 5:19, making the 5:30 thing impossible.

We're expecting a gargantuan push in business in October, so we're going to be starting a mandatory once a month "Work on saturday" thing. It's only 4 hours (minimum, more if you want), and it's only once a month. One thing about that though is there's going to be plenty enough business that any Saturday can be worked, and even now there's an open "Work overtime any time you want" invite from the managers.

As such, I've stayed late a few times already just because I didn't have crap going on. Time and a half paid overtime is a great thing, and I'll probably work some 8 hour Saturdays fairly regularly for the extra money. Working on the weekends takes away the only mild annoyance about my job anyway - the fairly long walk from the parking garage. We get access to the executive lot (out front) on weekends...

Other than that, things are good. Been playing a fairly decent amount of video games, though the fall is when the good stuff should start coming in. I'm pretty excited about NBA 2K8, Crysis, Time Crisis 4, Assassins Creed, Halo 3 (sort of..), and a few others.

Oktoberfest is tomorrow. I'm going in to work a little early and not taking a lunch so I only have to take an hour of PTO but still leave at 2:30 so I can be at the tapping of the golden keg at 3:00. I have a feeling Lindsay and I may need a DD tomorrow night - just a hunch. I'm not saying come be our DD, mind you. I'm saying come drink with us - we'll figure out the DD stuff later.

I don't know if you can overdose on Bratwurst but I'll find out.
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