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Moving on.

Tired of being severely underpaid and bored and work, I'm switching jobs. My salary is jumping from around 25,000 a year to just a hair under 38,000. It's the second largest pay-grade jump for a person under my current manager that he can remember.

I'll be working with Brent at Shazam as an overnight Computer Operator 1. It involves working three days a week from 7pm to 7am. The nice part about that is after the three days I get four days off in a row.

It's going to be a good change for me. I'll be making more money while not being so bored and dissatisfied, and I'll be working just a tad outside of walking distance from home (it's near my mom's house).

I put in my two weeks at ING today. As of the 29th of this month I will no longer be employed by ING. I'm eyeing a November 4th start date at Shazam.

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