Josh Zamzow (seeyouauntie) wrote,
Josh Zamzow

ING: Day One

I think I'm going to like working at ING. I can't speak to exactly what my job duties are yet, because quite frankly I don't know. That's because the first three days of the job are spent with people from all kinds of different jobs, and are meant to introduce the company as a whole to employees.

It's actually been less boring than it sounds, and the company is a pretty interesting one to learn about. I'm happy with the way things went today, and I look forward to being back tomorrow for more general info before job-specific training starts later in the week.

Parking was okay - though I'm looking into riding the bus. The facilities lady I talked to told me that they are working on getting permanent bus passes for all of the employees (as opposed to the monthly ones that you have to request, which can't be combined with your ability to park for extremely cheap). Eventually I'll be able to have my cake and eat it to, which will be nice. For now, I'm going to be driving to work, and parking in a parking ramp that has skywalk access to ING.

That's all I really have for now - I need to get my benefits all figured out tonight (done online, from home, which is nice), but that's going to wait until Lindsay gets home.

For now: I game.
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