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So I've changed jobs...

After 7 days of training for the "New Business Coordinator" position I realized that I really wasn't going to be happy doing said job. I was ready to quit at ING and go find another job if I had to, but I really liked the company and was hoping they'd be able to give me another shot in a different department.

I told my manager that I didn't like the job on Wednesday morning, and he just let me take the rest of the day off. He figured (rightly) that there was no use of me sitting in training if I didn't think the job I was training for was going to be for me anyway. He told me he was going to get in contact with some other departments and see if they needed any help, and that he'd give me a call later in the day. He also mentioned that if he can't find anything he'd just need a letter of resignation and my badge the following day.

Granted that little caveat at the end made me think I might be job hunting the following day, but he actually called me back in less than an hour. He told me that imaging needed some help, and that I could come job-shadow on the following day to see if the job was something I'd like to do.

In short, I did like it a lot. I took to it a lot better than I did the previous job, where knowledge of the entire annuity industry, and specifically the products ING Sells, seems to be a necessity for the job. It's just not something I can get interested in.

In the new job I can be a little more disconnected from all of that, which I like a lot. Imaging mostly works with getting the new business documents themselves where they need to be, and my department focuses primarily on tranfsers between ING and other Annuity companies. So it's basically just a lot of different communications; whether by E-mail, UPS, or Fax. I'm taking to it a lot better.

Same pay, same benefits, same everything. The only thing that's really changing is my job title. In the end a week that started out extremely stressful (Wondering if I'd still have a job after I told them I didn't want to be a New Business Coordinator) has turned out quite well.
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