Josh Zamzow (seeyouauntie) wrote,
Josh Zamzow

NBA Predictions, 07-08 edition

MVP: Kevin Garnett, Celtics
ROTY: Kevin Durant, Sonics
6MOTY: David Lee, Knicks
MIP: Gerald Green, Timberwolves
DPOTY: Tim Duncan: Spurs
COTY: Mike D'Antoni, Suns
EOTY: Danny Ainge, Celtics

Scoring Title: Kobe Bryant, Lakers
Rebounding Title: Kevin Garnett, Celtics
Assists Leader: Steve Nash, Suns
Blocks Leader: Marcus Camby, Nuggets

Western Conference Semis:
Rockets vs. Suns

Eastern Conference Semis:
Celtics vs. Pistons

Suns vs. Celtics

NBA title: Suns
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