Josh Zamzow (seeyouauntie) wrote,
Josh Zamzow

18 days...

It's only 18 more days until we close on our house.

We're to a point where we pretty much have everything that needs to be set up, set up. All of our paperwork is good to go. The only thing left on that front is coordinating with the realtor and the bank so Bank of America can do a final inspection and appraisal. That should happen within the week.

I've spent today getting the particulars of convenience set up. I called DirecTV - they'll be coming on the 30th (the day we move in) in the evening. Mediacom is coming the next day to install internet service. I would have had them come on the 30th too but I wanted to avoid having to hear the Mortal Kombat theme begin to play as the two installers eyes meet, and then I have to watch a fight to the death. It's just not good for anyone.

Called Midamerican today also - the power switchover should go smoothly.

And that's it...

We still have some furniture shopping to do I guess. But other than that we're just playing the waiting game.
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