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Week one down.

After the extremely boring first two days at Shazam, during which I learned very little about my actual job and spent most of my time at the other building (out past the crib) which houses their HR, I finally got to work my first night shift last Friday. Then two more Saturday and Sunday.

6:45PM to 6:45AM really, really isn't as bad as it sounds. After the first one, anyway. Try as I might, my attempts to preemptively change my sleeping schedule prior the shifts was not possible. I ended up getting about 4 hours of sleep before my first night shift, which did result in me being extremely tired at about 1:00AM.

Then I downed a 5 hour energy shot which was a bad idea in it's own right. It took about an hour to take effect and was still working when I was trying to fall asleep at 7AM. Never, ever will I drink one of those again.

Needless to say, nights 2 and 3 went a lot better. I didn't start to become exhausted until about 5 o'clock, and it's fairly easy to run on autopilot after that anyway.

The job is easy but complex, if that makes any sense. It's mostly seeing things and contacting the correct people to fix it, as opposed to fixing it yourself. I've only worked on the HP Production monitor so far, and to be honest I couldn't tell you what half of the data that comes my way is. I still don't always know what to do when a given error comes through, but I'm assured that will come with time. It's a job of repetition when you look at it from a veteran's point of view, from what I'm told.

It was nice training with Brent, as he worked all three of the days I did last week. We're actually in the process of trying to get on the same schedule, but for the time being I'm working Friday, Saturday, Sunday until my manager and I can talk about transitioning me to my full time schedule.

It sucks having my weekends taken away, but it's also nice that until about 40 minutes from now, I will have been off work since Monday morning at 6:45AM. 84 hours of free time in a row is a beautiful thing. That said, it's also nice to have freedom while at work. In addition to the hour and fifteen (45 minutes of which is paid) minute break we get, it's also no big deal if we want to take 10 or 15 and run to Hy-Vee or just take a walk around the building to wake up. It's nice to transition into this more laid back world from the financial services industry I've been a part of for most of my working career - where sneezing needs to be logged and manager approved (this was more true at Wells than ING, but I digress.)

I used my breaks last week to come home and take an hour nap. It worked wonderfully. Made the last four hours much, much easier. As for tonight, Lindsay is visiting Kayla in Cedar Falls so I may come home and play a game of 2K9 with Brent, or go to Perkins or something. Perhaps the latter as it's good to get my eyes off a display device for that hour and a half. Sometimes I think my sleepiness is just eye strain manifesting itself.

Anyway - I'm off to fill up my 52 oz soda.
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