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Raise time at work.

To make a long story short I'm getting about a 3% raise after only 8 months of employment, so that makes me pretty happy. It's not a terribly huge jump, but it's something nonetheless.

What IS exciting is that my boss is navigating the red-tape to promote me to Operator 2 (and Brent as well, actually), which would translate to about a $6,000 raise when you factor in the shift differential that I get for working nights. This would make absorbing the additional 3 grand we'll be paying a year for Lindsay's new car (more on that in a moment) barely register as a blip on our spending budget.

Lindsay is getting a new car! I filled out all of the paperwork yesterday, actually. It's just a matter of getting it here from (As Maynard Keenan would say) "Almost Canada." We were pretty specific in our wants for a 2009 Ford Escape with regard to options, and the nearest one that fit all of our criteria was all the way in Northern Minnesota.

It's Blue with black leather (a bonus actually, we would have been fine with cloth), 4wd, v6, moon-roof, and Sync. It was a bitch to find one that was both blue and had black interior for some unknown reason. Anyway - we should have it by this weekend - and because we are making a colossal down-payment on it I'm fairly nervous about writing the second biggest check of my life (behind the 10% down payment on the house from last year).

That's about it. I'm picking up an extra shift next week, which is going to result in me working six out of seven days. That translates to 72 work hours in a seven day period. Despite the 30 bucks an hour I'll make on the day I'm picking up, I still feel mildly insane for agreeing to do it.

With that, I'm going to begin re-playing Fallout 3. I have about 31 hours until I have to be to work, and all I really have to do between now and then is some laundry.

Off I go.
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